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A January 2009 Pew Research Center study found that when asked "which side do you sympathize with more", 42% of Democrats and 33% of liberals (a plurality in both groups) sympathize most with the Israelis. Around half of all political moderates or independents sided with Israel. [177]

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have brought more discussion of the party's stance on Israel as polls reported declining support for Israel among the party faithful. [178] Gallup suggested that the decline in support might be due to tensions between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama. [ citation needed ]

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Self-identified Democrats ( ) versus self-identified Republicans ( ) (January–June 2010 data)

Professionals, those who have a college education and those whose work revolves around the conceptualization of ideas have supported the Democratic Party by a slight majority since 2000. Between 1988 and 2000, professionals favored Democrats by a 12-percentage point margin. While the professional class was once a stronghold of the Republican Party, it has become increasingly split between the two parties, leaning in favor of the Democratic Party. The increasing support for Democratic candidates among professionals may be traced to the prevalence of social liberal values among this group: For Sale Top Quality Buy Cheap Authentic RUSHIMAN 2018 summer Women flat sandals casual Clearance Online Official Site ozDbxgO0H9

Professionals, who are, roughly speaking, college-educated producers of services and ideas, used to be the most staunchly Republican of all occupational groups [...] now chiefly working for large corporations and bureaucracies rather than on their own, and heavily influenced by the environmental, civil-rights, and feminist movements—began to vote Democratic. In the four elections from 1988 to 2000, they backed Democrats by an average of 52 percent to 40 percent.


A study on the political attitudes of medical students , for example, found that "U.S. medical students are considerably more likely to be liberal than conservative and are more likely to be liberal than are other young U.S. adults. Future U.S. physicians may be more receptive to liberal messages than current ones, and their political orientation may profoundly affect their health system attitudes". [180] Similar results are found for professors, who are more strongly inclined towards liberalism and the Democratic Party than other occupational groups. Luxury Real Natural Leather Open Toe Hollow Out Summer Geniue Stockist Cheap Online Discount Prices Cheap Sale 100% Original Lowest Price For Sale Very Cheap ShpXvh
The Democratic Party also has strong support among 2017 remake kids girls 100 cotton clothing lcasual fall winter boutique flower dress Best Seller Online Sale Outlet Store Cheap Sale Outlet Store Buy Cheap Good Selling zQFS8KS
, with 55% identifying as Democrats, 32% as independents and 6% as Republicans and 52% identifying as liberal, 35% as moderate and 9% as conservative. 2018 New design Fashion Men Comfortable Breathable Sport sneaker Shoes Store Sale Discount Excellent Clearance Online Amazon KvD31DGkU

The expression must have one of the following forms:

The keyword requires is also used to begin a requires-expression , which is a prvalue expression of type bool that describes the constraints on some template arguments. Such an expression is true if the constraints are satisfied, and false otherwise:

The syntax of requires-expression is as follows:

Each requirement in the requirements-seq is one of the following:

Requirements may refer to the template parameters that are in scope, to the local parameters introduced in the parameter-list , and to any other declarations that are visible from the enclosing context.

The substitution of template arguments into a requires-expression used in a declaration of a Free Shipping 2018 Unisex Sale In China VANLED 2018 Plus Size Real Leather High Heel Shoes Sandals Cheapest Cheap Price Cheap Sale 2018 Unisex lhrrjzN
may result in the formation of invalid types or expressions in its requirements, or the violation of semantic constraints of those requirements. In such cases, the requires-expression evaluates to false and does not cause the program to be ill-formed. The substitution and semantic constraint checking proceeds in lexical order and stops when a condition that determines the result of the requires-expression is encountered. If substitution (if any) and semantic constraint checking succeed, the requires-expression evaluates to true .

If a substitution failure would occur in a requires-expression for every possible template argument, the program is ill-formed, no diagnostic required:

If a requires-expression contains invalid types or expressions in its requirements, and it does not appear within the declaration of a templated entity , then the program is ill-formed.

A simple requirement is an arbitrary expression statement. It asserts that the expression is valid. The expression is an unevaluated operand; only language correctness is checked.

A type requirement is the keyword typename followed by a type name, optionally qualified. The requirement is that the named type is valid: this can be used to verify that a certain named nested type exists, or that a class template specialization names a type, or that an alias template specialization names a type. A type requirement naming a class template specialization does not require the type to be complete.

A compound requirement has the form

and asserts properties of the named expression. Substitution and semantic constraint checking proceeds in the following order:

1) Template arguments (if any) are substituted into expression ;
2) If is used, expression must not be potentially throwing ;
3) If return-type-requirement is present, then:
a) Template arguments are substituted into the return-type-requirement ;
b) If it is a trailing-return-type , then the result of expression must be implicitly convertible to the type named. If conversion fails, the enclosing requires-expression is false .
c) If it contains a qualified-concept-name , then given the imaginary function template template < qualified - concept - name T > void f ( cv T abstract - declarator ) ; , where cv is the union of cv1 and cv2 , template argument deduction for the call f ( expression ) must succeed. If deduction fails, the enclosing requires-expression is false .

A nested requirement has the form


pad-string — specifies the string used to pad the number to at least min-width characters (not including the sign indicator). The padding is placed between the sign and the normal digits of x .

sign — controls how the sign of the number is indicated:

If sign is #f (the default), no sign output is generated if x is either positive or zero, and a minus sign is prefixed if x is negative.


If sign is ' + , no sign output is generated if x is zero, a plus sign is prefixed if x is positive, and a minus sign is prefixed if x is negative.


If sign is ' ++ , a plus sign is prefixed if x is zero or positive, and a minus sign is prefixed if x is negative.


If sign is ' parens , no sign output is generated if x is zero or positive, and the number is enclosed in parentheses if x is negative.


If sign is ( list pos-ind zero-ind neg-ind ) , then pos-ind , zero-ind , and neg-ind are used to indicate positive, zero, and negative numbers, respectively. Each indicator is either a string to be used as a prefix or a list containing two strings: a prefix and a suffix.


The default behavior is equivalent to ' ( "" "" "-" ) ; the ' parens mode is equivalent to ' ( "" "" ( "(" ")" ) ) .

base — controls the base that x is formatted in. If base is a number greater than 10 , then lower-case letters are used. If base is ( list ' up base* ) and base* is greater than 10 , then upper-case letters are used.


format-exponent — determines how the exponent is displayed.

If format-exponent is a string, the exponent is displayed with an explicit sign (as with a sign of ' ++ ) and at least two digits, separated from the significand by the “exponent marker” format-exponent :

If format-exponent is #f , the “exponent marker” is "e" if base is 10 and a string involving base otherwise:

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DeepMind for Google

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Latest Applied News

DeepMind Health Response to Independent
News Blog About Us Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy –Updated

When we set up DeepMind Health we believed that pioneering technology should be matched with pioneering oversight. That’s why when we launched in February 2016, we did so with an unusual and additional mechanism: a panel of Independent Reviewers, who meet regularly throughout the year to scrutinise our work. This is an innovative approach within tech companies - one that forces us to question not only what we are doing, but how and why we are doing it - and we believe that their robust challenges make us better.

In their report last year, the Independent Reviewers asked us important questions about our engagement with stakeholders, data governance, and the behavioural elements that need to be considered when deploying new technologies in clinical environments. We’ve done a lot over the past twelve months to address these questions, and we’re really proud that this year’s Annual Report recognises the progress we’ve made.

Of course, this year’s report includes a series of new recommendations for areas where we can continue to improve, which we’ll be working on in the coming months. In particular:

We want to take this opportunity to thank the Independent Reviewers for their thoughtful and committed engagement with our work. By holding us to account, recognising where we’re getting it right and challenging us where we can improve, they’ll help us to do a better job for patients, nurses, doctors, carers, families, and all those who rely on healthcare systems around the world.

We’re developing our longer-term business model and roadmap, and look forward to sharing our ideas once they’re further ahead. Rather than charging for the early stages of our work, our first priority has been to prove that our technologies can help improve patient care and reduce costs. We believe that our business model should flow from the positive impact we create, and will continue to explore outcomes-based elements so that costs are at least in part related to the benefits we deliver.

We will explore further ways to ensure there is clarity about the binding legal frameworks that govern all our NHS partnerships. Trusts remain in full control of the data at all times. We are legally and contractually bound to only using patient data under the instructions of our partners. We will continue to make our legal agreements with Trusts publicly available to allow scrutiny of this important point.

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