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New in version 2.7.

When the following functions return “frame records,” each record is a tuple of six items: the frame object, the filename, the line number of the current line, the function name, a list of lines of context from the source code, and the index of the current line within that list.

Keeping references to frame objects, as found in the first element of the frame records these functions return, can cause your program to create reference cycles. Once a reference cycle has been created, the lifespan of all objects which can be accessed from the objects which form the cycle can become much longer even if Python’s optional cycle detector is enabled. If such cycles must be created, it is important to ensure they are explicitly broken to avoid the delayed destruction of objects and increased memory consumption which occurs.

Though the cycle detector will catch these, destruction of the frames (and local variables) can be made deterministic by removing the cycle in a china shoe factory offer brand sport shoes and sneakers and design you own shoes Clearance Nicekicks Buy Cheap Best Prices Get To Buy Clearance Classic XmsS2Iv
clause. This is also important if the cycle detector was disabled when Python was compiled or using Modern Tee ORGANIC COLORS TEE 01 by VIDA VIDA Buy Cheap Lowest Price Where Can I Order Buy Newest Factory Price PLZdkm
. For example:

The optional context argument supported by most of these functions specifies the number of lines of context to return, which are centered around the current line.

Get information about a frame or traceback object. A 5-tuple is returned, the last five elements of the frame’s frame record.

Changed in version 2.6: Returns a Fashion good quality badminton shoes athletic professional training shoes Cheap Fashionable xBOZ9C

Get a list of frame records for a frame and all outer frames. These frames represent the calls that lead to the creation of frame . The first entry in the returned list represents frame ; the last entry represents the outermost call on frame ’s stack.

Get a list of frame records for a traceback’s frame and all inner frames. These frames represent calls made as a consequence of frame . The first entry in the list represents traceback ; the last entry represents where the exception was raised.

Return the frame object for the caller’s stack frame.

CPython implementation detail: This function relies on Python stack frame support in the interpreter, which isn’t guaranteed to exist in all implementations of Python. If running in an implementation without Python stack frame support this function returns .

Return a list of frame records for the caller’s stack. The first entry in the returned list represents the caller; the last entry represents the outermost call on the stack.

Return a list of frame records for the stack between the current frame and the frame in which an exception currently being handled was raised in. The first entry in the list represents the caller; the last entry represents where the exception was raised.

A table with a composite key can be mapped with multiple properties of the class as identifier properties. The <composite-id> element accepts <key-property> property mappings and <key-many-to-one> mappings as child elements.

The persistent class must override equals() and hashCode() to implement composite identifier equality. It must also implement Serializable .

Unfortunately, this approach means that a persistent object is its own identifier. There is no convenient "handle" other than the object itself. You must instantiate an instance of the persistent class itself and populate its identifier properties before you can load() the persistent state associated with a composite key. We call this approach an embedded composite identifier, and discourage it for serious applications.

A second approach is what we call a mapped composite identifier, where the identifier properties named inside the <composite-id> element are duplicated on both the persistent class and a separate identifier class.

In this example, both the composite identifier class, MedicareId , and the entity class itself have properties named medicareNumber and dependent . The identifier class must override equals() and hashCode() and implement Serializable . The main disadvantage of this approach is code duplication.

The following attributes are used to specify a mapped composite identifier:

We will describe a third, even more convenient approach, where the composite identifier is implemented as a component class in Jookrrix 2018 Autumn Real Leather White Shoes Women 2018 Unisex Cheap Online 0Dxxm
. The attributes described below apply only to this alternative approach:

The third approach, an identifier component , is recommended for almost all applications.

The <discriminator> element is required for polymorphic persistence using the table-per-class-hierarchy mapping strategy. It declares a discriminator column of the table. The discriminator column contains marker values that tell the persistence layer what subclass to instantiate for a particular row. A restricted set of types can be used: string , character , integer , byte , short , boolean , yes_no , true_false .

Actual values of the discriminator column are specified by the discriminator-value attribute of the <class> and <subclass> elements.

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